Finely Tuned

America's most legendary piano-maker provided its former landmark headquarters, a 1925 neoclassical masterpiece by prewar master builders Warren and Wetmore, and its classic West 57th Street location down the block from Carnegie Hall—but not its name—to this high-visibility luxury residential tower. We highlighted the artisanal craftsmanship and high-tech calibration in SHoP Architects’ landmark feathered setback design that seamlessly incorporated the historic fabric of Steinway Hall—from luminous hand-glazed terra cotta cladding below to a dynamic mass damper above—that make the building as finely tuned as any musical instrument. For this 1400-foot-tall residential tower, proportionally the most slender of a new generation of super tall skyscrapers, we illuminated the substantial engineering behind its structural strength, and found inspiration in nature for what it means to be grounded but supple—and noted how this carefully calibrated structure happened to be perfectly aligned with the center of all of Central Park, at the center of unprecedented river-to-river views, at the center of the island at the center of the world. 

“Of all the new towers, it is the only one that gets even more delicate as it rises, ending not with a climactic crown but by almost disappearing into the sky.”

— Paul Goldberger, Vanity Fair, 2014


SALES & MARKETING Corcoran Sunshine

RENDERINGS Hayes Davidson